His Worship, John Tory, Mayor of Toronto

Here in Toronto, the most diverse city in Canada, our young people are eager to contribute to their city and its economy through their careers. This unique event will showcase the incredible professional talent we have, while supporting the advancement of young women in all industries.

Honourable Harinder Malhi, Former Ontario Minister of the Status of Women

The more women we have in key positions of influence, the more chances we have to build a future where young women continue to innovate, inspire and break down gender barriers. That is why our government is pleased to support the Young Professional Women’s Symposium on Leadership in their work to make sure the next generation of women leaders have every possible tool to make their mark

Sharifa Khan (President and CEO of Balmoral Multicultural Marketing

I would like to congratulate The Young Professional Women’s Symposium on Leadership in organizing this meaningful event to discuss why young professional women are facing tremendous challenges and hurdles in moving their careers ahead in workplace. How through a symposium like this can assist these young professionals break down barriers and build confidence. Balmoral Multicultural Marketing is pleased to sponsor this event and special congrats to Ruby Latif and her team for devoting their passion and time to bring this event to fruition

Ruby Latif, Founder YPWLS and CEO of Milieu Strategy and Consulting Inc.

Supporting women in unlocking and achieving their career potential is my passion, and the reason I created this event. I believe that we are stronger when we work together. And I believe that together we can help advance women’s leadership in all industries and on the global stage