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Message from the founder:

As an entrepreneur, diversity consultant and researcher in the related fields of human equity, gender studies and leadership, my lifelong passion has been to use my knowledge and experience to better serve others, particularly young professionals seeking to make their mark in their chosen careers while embracing a pathway to success that is as unique as they are.


In the last few years, I have been fortunate to have many opportunities to collaborate with and mentor young professional women in a variety of industries. At the same time, it became abundantly clear through research and discussion with hundreds of young women from diverse backgrounds that their professional needs were not being served with the current programming they encountered. Of particular concern was the lack of connection to the professional and social networks and leadership pipeline that enabled an expansion of opportunity, support and skill building.


From these conversations emerged the development of the Young Professional Women’s

Symposium on Leadership. Going forward, my sincere hope is that this organization serve as a valuable opportunity to connect emerging young professionals with industry leaders, mentors, and each other, while building a platform for women leaders to inspire, engage and transform their communities.


In my journey to developing this organization, I worked with an incredible team of young women that I continue to admire and learn from. Mentorship is a key component to professional development. I wish to specially thank my mentors, Shaifa Khan and Prof. Wendy Cukier for their guidance and support through my own journey.


I look forward to connecting with you and welcome your feedback!

Meet the team:

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Chief Inspiration Officer and Troublemaker

Ruby Latif

B.A., B.A.H, M.A., DSocSci (abd)

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VP of Miscellaneous Stuff

Farheen Lakhani

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Director of Ethical Behavior

Fatema Dada

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Chief Catalyst

Danielle Russell 

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Director of First Impressions

Sumi Shan

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Creator of Opportunities

Harleen Arora

BHSc, B.Ed, M.Ed.

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Chief Cheerleader

Carmelina Macario

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Ambassador of Buzz

Tiffany Gooch