The Young Professional Women’s (YPW) Leadership Series is geared towards emerging female leaders and young professionals who want to create their own success and connect with like-minded professionals.

Our belief is that young professional women need to be well equipped with the proper tools, knowledge and networks to reach their fullest personal and professional potential. A recurring theme in our consultation with diverse young professionals was the need for professional guidance, mentorship and access to networks to help navigate the unspoken rules and pathways to success.

In creating this network, our goal is to open up opportunities for young professional women to expand their networks, gain mentors, embark on new challenges and develop the skills that will enable them to achieve success in their careers. This leadership series also provides a valuable opportunity to connect with and learn from the experiences of other emerging and established women leaders in all sectors of Canadian society.

Ruby Latif
Ruby Latif, B.A., B.A.H, M.A., DSocSci (abd)


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